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Flooring: hardwood vs laminate?

Disturbing story last night on 60 minutes.  If you missed it check out their web site.  The scary part for me was when they went under cover into the Chinese factories and the Chinese managers admitted their products were mislabeled. … Continue reading

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Wabi-sabi is the most conspicuous and characteristic feature of traditional Japanese beauty. If an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi. … Continue reading

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How many Mastercraftsmen do you know?

“One of the serious wants of this country and of our trade is good boys. Our boys are deteriorating, as are our men. The greatest difficulty that we experience in New York is that of getting boys who have brains … Continue reading

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Patio Build: trim out day 6

South wall almost finished! Something to about today: “You meet people who you forget you.  You forget people you meet.  But sometimes you meet people you can’t forget.  Those are your friends.” MLK Jr.

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