Powermatic Vintage Bandsaw

Powermatic 80This past Friday  I inherited a vintage Powermatic Bandsaw.  It is missing the emblem that would document the model and serial number, but I believe it is a model 80, and was made in McMinnville TN about 1958. The saw has had only one previous owner and was used in an Antique restoration business located in Chattanooga TN.  Over the next few months I plan to document the restoration of this gem and post photos and descriptions so please send me your comments if you have any questions.

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2 Responses to Powermatic Vintage Bandsaw

  1. Aaron says:

    Do you have any updates on your restoration? I am looking to get this exact saw and am curious of your success? Also how much do you estimate it weighs? What did you use to move it? Thanks for your time and thanks for sharing. Aaron, Fellow vintage tool lover

    • Reinhardt says:

      No further progress on the restoration. It is running and cutting, but I am having difficulty dialing it in. Lots of slop in the guide bearings, trying to decide how best to replace them. How much does it weigh? Alot, I’d guess close to 800 pounds

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