Flooring: hardwood vs laminate?

Disturbing story last night on 60 minutes.  If you missed it check out their web site.  The scary part for me was when they went under cover into the Chinese factories and the Chinese managers admitted their products were mislabeled.

Bottom line:  laminate floors made in China although labeled low FORMALDEHYDE were found to be toxic.

The following is a script from “Lumber Liquidators” which aired on March 1, 2015. Anderson Cooper is the correspondent. Katherine Davis and Sam Hornblower, producers.

Lumber Liquidators is the largest and fastest-growing retailer of hardwood flooring in North America, with over 360 stores in 46 states and revenues of more than a billion dollars a year. But hardwood isn’t the only product they sell. More than 100 million square feet of the company’s cheaper laminate flooring is installed in American homes every year. Lumber Liquidators is a U.S. company, but much of its laminate flooring is made in China, and as we discovered during our investigation, may fail to meet health and safety standards, because it contains high levels of formaldehyde, a known cancer causing chemical. Lumber Liquidators insists its Chinese-made laminate flooring is safe, but it doesn’t appear that way based on what we learned from our own reporting and from the work of people like Denny Larson.


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2 Responses to Flooring: hardwood vs laminate?

  1. lmbuckley says:

    Is there a way to test what is already installed?

  2. Reinhardt says:

    I suppose you could cut out a section of your floor, and then send it off to a private laboratory that specializes in emissions testing.

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