How to make custom bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror

How to make a custom mirror frame for your bathroom…

  1. Remove existing full wall mirror (builder’s grade crap as we call it around here)
  2. Take old mirror to local glass cutter and have them cut to smaller size (support local business and recycle)
  3. Mill wood to profile that you like
  4. Turn on glue pot and make some hot hide glue (trust me this stuff is better than epoxy)
  5. Carefully miter the corners so the frame fits the mirror
  6. Rub hide glue on the miter joints and clamp for a few hours (go have a beer)
  7. Sand the frame with 120, 150, 180 grit sand paper (by hand….no power tools here)
  8. Apply shellac based primer let dry overnight
  9. Sand with 200 grit paper
  10. Apply shellac based primer let dry over night
  11. Sand with 320 grit paper, frame will be glass smooth
  12. Apply grey primer, sand when dry with 320 grit paper
  13. Apply raw umber glaze let dry 24 hours
  14. Apply Waterlox varnish let dry over night
  15. Apply burnt umber glaze, let dry over night
  16. Mix some shellac and alcohol, when shellac is in solution apply two coats to frame
  17. Let shellac dry overnight, then apply a quality furniture wax
  18. Cut back panel to size
  19. Insert mirror into frame
  20. Screw back panel into frame and hang on wall

Whoa…..that took a long time ……..

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