“Moxon double screw vise”

Moxon ViseIn the 17th century Joseph Moxon wrote about the double screw vise in his book “The Art of Joinery”.

These types of vises have also been written about by Rubo, Felebien, and recently Christopher Schwartz.

Last week my good friend Gary Pentecost surprised me with the parts to make my very own vise now available from Benchcrafted.  I built mine with quarter sawn white oak cut offs from the stair treads in our home, and Gary built his with hard maple.

Bottom line……this vise is awesome.

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3 Responses to “Moxon double screw vise”

  1. Julie says:

    Yea to Gary for keeping you off the ledge this week !! *smile*

  2. Don Bursch says:

    Exactly. Why settle for a single screw? Made one of these last year, too. Love all benchcrafted stuff. Perfect for those of us without an adjustable height workbench.

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