Stanley plane restoration

Today has not been a very good morning for George.  Let’s just say his gastrointestinal tract is in chaos due to the antibiotics he was prescribed to help with his private parts.  So after cleaning up his sleeping area and giving him a bath he was ready to party.  So what if it’s 3am, where is my squeekie toy?  But wait this is a woodworking blog right?

Well yes it is, so I took this early morning opportunity to finish tuning up a Stanley #3.  The plane and replacement handles were purchased on Ebay and after I tuned up the blade it’s working perfectly.  Even George thinks so……..he likes to play with the shavings.

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2 Responses to Stanley plane restoration

  1. poor George…and, only you would actually work at 3am! Hope you’ll both find time for a nap today.

  2. Julie says:

    I hope you can joke about it at 3pm…

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