Flashback: Cypress bridge

About 40 years ago there was a bridge that crossed a small creek at my daughter’s preschool.

Then in a very bad storm the water rose and washed out the bridge.

Fast forward to 2007 and the owners of the day care have asked me several times to rebuild the bridge so they can take photographs of the children, and they can look  down into the creek to see the fish.  It was a very difficult decision for me as I am not a bridge builder, yet I felt a calling to this project.

Then the owner hit me where it really hurts……she said it’s been 40 years, nobody will rebuild our bridge, and if you don’t, it will probably never get done.  So out came my father’s engineering books to research the probable wood stresses, and then I built the bridge.

Thank you Miss Inga for pulling and pushing me out of my comfort zone.

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